In the Oil, Gas & Chemicals markets, the accuracy and speed of Saybolt Norways operations deliver you competiti­veness. We offer a comprehensive suite of inspections, testing, calibra­tion, auditing and training services, covering all of Norway and with 24/7 accessibility.

It is Saybolt Norway's mission to provide a fast, accurate, professional, independent and efficient service in a manner that reflects total commitment to today’s most exacting standards.

Saybolt Norway will approach each day’s challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm and a positive attitude; our staff will make “Every Day a Client Day”.






SAYBOLT NORWAY AS, as a part of Saybolt Eastern Hemisphere

24 HRS PHONE NUMBER: +47 99 28 30 80
24 HRS FAX NUMBER: +47 99 28 30 81
24 HRS E-MAIL: saybolt.norway

P.O.B. 44
5952 Fonnes



Saybolt Norway - 24 hrs phone number: +47 99 28 30 80 - E-Mail: saybolt.norway