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Crude Oil services
include Crude oil quantity and quality measurement of product drawn from shore and vessels tanks, and all other storage facilities, Quality and Quantity inspection of rail tank cars, Crude oil quantity measurement during pipeline transfers and loss control investigations.

Petroleum Product services are Saybolt’s main activity and include the independent Quantity and Quality inspection of all types of refined products sourced from vessels tanks, barges, shore tanks, rail tank cars, or any other storage facility, Cargo Quality Assurance, Quality Consultation, Arbitration analysis and dispute resolution and Blending Supervision.

LPG/LNG. Our experienced inspectors and technicians are on hand to provide a range of gas inspection services, including Laboratory Analysis, Cargo Custody Transfer Measurement and Determination of LNG Volume (Sampling, Calorific Value (BTU).

Laboratorie services. Saybolt offers a wide variety of inspection and analytical services covering the handling, transport and storage of chemicals globally. Our laboratories feature highly skilled personnel competent in a full array of analytical techniques and equipment. Saybolt laboratory services have proven to be valuable to customers for custody transfer, quality assurance, assistance in the prevention and the solution of costly quality problems.






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SAYBOLT NORWAY AS, as a part of Saybolt Eastern Hemisphere

24 HRS PHONE NUMBER: +47 99 28 30 80
24 HRS FAX NUMBER: +47 99 28 30 81
24 HRS E-MAIL: saybolt.norway

P.O.B. 44
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Saybolt Norway - 24 hrs phone number: +47 99 28 30 80 - E-Mail: saybolt.norway